The Funny Thing About PVC Pipes and Salad Dressing…

12 05 2008

Today I attempted pirouettes while on parallettes (basically doing spinning handstands by shifting from a one raised pipe to another.) I was only partially successful – but I hope with practice to be able to do it well, maybe even in time for the tour!

Parallettes are very useful tools for hand balancing, stretching over splits and regular splits, push ups, planches and all sorts of fun things, and they are quite easy to make. All you need is a fair amount of PVC piping and some connectors, which is why Jacob and I decided to make our own pairs earlier this year.

There was a relatively amusing story that went along with the making of our parallettes: While we were out buying the supplies for the parallettes, we stopped at a grocery store to buy salad dressing for a delicious chicken marinade. Excited to turn our PVC piping into gymnastics equipment we went straight to Lemelson (Hampshire’s shop) to cut the PVC to the right length. We checked in with Don and Ben, who were helping to oversee the shop and they looked at the PVC and they looked at the salad dressing and they looked at us and as we started to explain they waved us into the shop shaking their heads and protesting that they didn’t want to know.




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