6 05 2008

What would you put in your Apocalypse Preparedness Kit?




6 responses

7 05 2008

tooth brushes and toothpowder
a gun
duct tape
a good folding knife
waterproof matches
my canning and dehydration equipment
water purification tabs

7 05 2008

A great question.

I wonder, though: is this a kit to carry, or the bigger kit to keep if I can afford to hunker down?

7 05 2008

I plan to ride out the apocalypse in my home, so I don’t have a portable kit. Adding to Tamidon’s list:

1. Parabolic solar cooker
2. Solar water pasteurizer
3. Large tubs for laundry, water storage, what have you.
4. Grain mill
5. Tripod for open fire cooking
6. Heavy plastic tarp
7. Magnifying glass for firestarting purposes
8. Open-pollinated seeds of various food plants
9. Bicycle

7 05 2008

Sophia — Whichever you think is better.

I mean, for me, all I’d need is a pointed stick (which I can find on any tree, assuming there are still trees) and some chest hair.

No really. If I were able to grow chest hair, that’s all I’d need.

7 05 2008
Marlin May

When I worked near downtown Los Angeles, but lived in ‘The Valley’ (yes, that valley, the ‘valley girl’ valley) I had a ‘Gotta walk home’ kit in my desk drawer, because a major quake would bring down the overpasses and make the freeway system un-usable.

Consisted of :
Hiking boots
water (i don’t remember how much (probably 3 days worth))
big folding knife
swiss army knife
topo map (plastic coated)
thomas guide maps of suitable routes (plastic coated)
dog repellent
a big day pack
5 days worth protein bars
My wits & a brain filled with wilderness training.
Work gloves
2 space blankets
100 feet rope

There was probably more stuff in there. Tried to keep the total weight under 20 lbs.

7 05 2008

Whoa! Definitely some excellent ideas in that pack.

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