Paralyzed with Mess.

6 05 2008

I am going to address a problem I’ve had since before I can remember… I have a messy room. I had a messy room growing up, I’ve had multiple messy rooms now in college. I can’t remember a time when my room was seriously for-real organized.

I believe the underlying problem is that I have too many things. And yet, every time I go to get rid of something (ie: take it home, not throw it away) I get caught up in the “Oh wait… this is really cool and useful and I might need it some day” moment. And I can never see my room to cleanly completion. Sometimes I pile the things I own into relevant piles with the intention of sorting through it all. Sometimes I even sort through it all, but ultimately it all winds up strewn about the room again. Piles fall.

I desperately want to be more organized. I hate this feeling of not being able to locate certain important pieces of paper or a particular shirt. I can’t seem to let go of things… and for the most part it isn’t a nostalgic “this is mine and I need it feeling” so much as a survival and imagination. Not only could this particular item come in handy, but I can vividly think of a number of situations I could encounter in the next few minutes that would require the use of said item.

Along these same lines I keep a small “Apocalypse Preparedness Kit”. Inside are things like, band aids, flashlight, small knife, tweezers, nail clippers, rubber bands… and so forth just in case the apocalypse happens – I can grab that bag and run. The trouble of course would be sifting through all the piles to get to the bag in the first place.

Next semester I believe I will limit myself to the bare bones in terms of what comes into my room in the first place.




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