Our Bus is Full of Fail, or, Lindsay’s Path to Becoming an “Adult”

5 05 2008

The Circus troupe I am a part of for the summer, the Criss Cross Circus recently purchased an amazing veggie-oil blue school bus (as you may have read previously thanks to Jacob’s post.) A wonderful investment so far, the whole troupe has fallen in love with our pretty blue bus (soon to be other colors as well.)

But this bus represents more than a cross country circus tour, more than a place to sleep, more than helping the environment by running on veggie-oil… this bus also represents a large step in my journey to “Adulthood”*. Thanks to this bus, I have signed a bill of sale, navigated my way through insurance, learned that buying a vehicle means paying a lot more than just the cost of the vehicle, exited the DMV with registeration and plates in hand and now – the icing on the cake, I have my own personal very first Rejected sticker on the cracked windshield of the bus.

My path to “Adulthood” will continue with a trip to the mechanics (followed, I’m sure, by an exciting trip to the bank) and then its back to the Inspection Company to retake my first failed test of “Adulthood”. It seems so far that “Adulthood” is a lot easier and more forgiving in some cases than high school or college. I failed a test sure, but I have a whole 60 days to be able to study hard (ie: pay a lot of money) and try to pass the retake! That’s a better deal (albeit a more expensive one – excepting that one Chemistry test in 10th grade…) than I’ve ever had in school.

So all you adults out there complaining about your jobs and your mortgages remember this – at least you can always count on retakes.

*The kind of adulthood with papers and filing and organization and money and legality and all that.




2 responses

6 05 2008

hehe, well, first of all i’d like to thank you for reminding me that there are many more chances in adult hood, im on the edge of turning 18, i’ve already dropped out of high school and been through alot of stuff. so i know where your coming from. there’s still a long way to go but a lot of time and chances in the world.

keep on keepin on.

6 05 2008

Hey thanks, you too! I find it interesting how the whole “adult world” gets introduced to everyone differently. Best of luck to you as well – time and chances aplenty and I hope we all take as much time and as many chances as we’d like (for most things, anyway!). ^^

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