Circus Bus

29 04 2008

On Friday, Lindsay and I drove to Boston, picked up a great big bus, and drove it back.

Criss Cross Bus

It’s a 1983 something or other, diesel engine. It’s converted to run on vegetable oil as well. This is a good thing, because when we bought diesel fuel on Friday, it was $4.50/gallon. Ouch.

Of course, this means we get to learn how to maintain and run a grease bus, on top of putting together a show and doing our own booking and fund raising for a several thousand dollar trip and we leave in less than three weeks… oh my goodness.

The bus was previously owned by a band, who bought it from a circus. The odometer was already broken when the band bought it, and they’ve been touring around New England for three years. The current mileage reads~264,000 miles, but who knows how many it really has! We get to drive this thing across the country and back.

The interior was gutted and bed-frames installed. That means the bus is classified as an RV now, so we thankfully don’t need any special licenses. The back six rows or so have been boarded off to make a nice storage space. The whole thing needs to be cleaned, and maybe shelves installed. Also, the battery compartment is rusting out, so I get to learn how to patch the bus.

It kind of reminds me of the Victorian RV, though it’s not quite as cool, and twice as circus.

If all goes well, we’re also going to drive this thing to Denvention, and live out of it. That’ll be far cheaper than getting a hotel room.

There are more pictures of the inside of our bus at the Criss Cross Circus blog. Whee! We’re so excited, and there’s so much work left to do!




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