Fish man, fish man, rolly polly fish man

28 04 2008

Last week, my friend Chris filmed the major scene of his Division III, in which he transforms a man into a horrible Lovecraftian horror! We were expecting it to be cool, but we weren’t expecting it to be this fucking cool.

Fish Man

Mike (the actor) sat in the makeup chair for six hours while we put that mask on him. It looked awesome, and then we put it under the light and it looked even better. We put makeup on and it looked almost real. The acting was superb—I wish I had a clip for you to watch, because Oh My God. He made sounds that were just inhuman. And when we put the monster slime on him… it looked professional.

The mask is foam latex. The same stuff they make HellBoy out of. Last year Chris and I learned how to run batches of it. It’s probably one of the most fun things I’ve ever done—especially because the results are amazing. In the movies, they use foam latex to make just about any facial or body prosthetic that needs to move. If you think of latex Halloween masks, those don’t contort nicely. Foam latex literally beats in a foaming agent (we mix it in an old mixing bowl) and then gets baked. We could make ourselves fake noses and cheek bones, and completely change the shape of our faces, if we wanted.

The whole shoot took twelve hours. First we did the major shot—the fish man. Then we rushed through the rest of the transformation sequences, in which Mike looks progressively sicker and then develops boils that explode in dark green slime, and then he turns into this terrible, horrible thing.

Hopefully later I’ll be able to post some more of Chris’ special effects. There’s one scene we shot in which my dead body is found with gaping holes in the face and neck. Latex and cotton balls. It was pretty gruesome looking though.

If the resolution was better, I’d challenge you to guess what the scales on Mike’s neck are made of. Go send your admiration and love to Chris!




3 responses

28 04 2008
Emil Rodeo

Challenge excepted, is it dried porridge? Looks good though…

28 04 2008

I’ll take more guesses until the end of the week, and then I’ll tell.
(good one there, Emil!)

20 07 2008
Chris Sommer

Heh, thought id google my name to see whats up. And to my surprise i find that you are a director….nice I am going to college to major in creative writing seeing as how my dream is to one day create scripts for people like you. Anyhow, how cool is it to meet someone with the same name. Take care bro, hope your career blasts into something fantastic.

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