Mentioned in Chronicle of Higher Ed. Article

22 04 2008

I was mentioned in the Chronicle of Higher Education last week, for attending the Association of Governing Board’s conference on trusteeship. A reporter came up to me and said that he was surprised to see someone as young as me at the conference. I talked about the sad lack of students, and he wrote a short article:

Judging by the attendees at this week’s national conference on trusteeship, students don’t have much of a voice on boards. Of the more than 1,000 trustees registered, only a few are students.

Jacob Lefton, a 22-year-old independent-study major at Hampshire College, is one them. The absence of students here and on many boards concerns him.

“I’ve heard a lot about shared governance among administrators, trustees, and faculty,” he said. “Unfortunately nobody’s talking about the rights of students to shape their own education.”

Pretty cool, huh? I do think we need more student trustees.

Here is a link to the full article.

The reporter didn’t express quite what I was trying to say, but I am led to believe that most news ends up like that.




One response

25 04 2008

“independent study major…” ha!

thanks for the introduction to chuck longsworth… oh man he’s cool.

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