Finishing My Thesis Project

17 04 2008

This past week has been the ‘finish my thesis project’ week. I’m done. I have one meeting with my committee on Friday, and during that meeting they should say, “Well done, Jacob. You pass.”

After that, I will post the project up here. It is a handbook for others who are interested in educating youth to write.

The other things that have been happening in my life that, if you bug me about, I will write more in depth:

Fifteenth reunion for the Omen, a publication I run;
Dungeon-master for Deathfest, a roleplaying festival;
Attended a conference on College and University Trusteeship;
Read Crystal Rain by Tobias Bucknell (expect a review);
Reading Teach Them to Challenge Authority: Educating for Healthy Societies, a book by the previous president of Hampshire College, Gregory Prince. I have been invited to speak on a panel about it;
Purchasing and (soon) learning to drive a bus for the cross country circus tour.

So, that’s been my last two weeks. I’ll be done, done, done with college in a matter of days, and that will give me a whole lot more time… right…?




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