Apology and an Update

12 04 2008

Sorry for the lack of Adventure-a-Days. Two things hindered my progress.

1. Lack of batteries for my camera. Easily solved, perhaps, but I just haven’t done that yet.

2. Lack of time for posting. I’ve done so many amazing things this past week, and some standard, normal every-day things – and these all add up to one Busy Lindsay.

Here are just a few things that have consumed my week:

Zoomorphia: Big Bang on a Small Stage – Our Spring Circus show went up Saturday and Sunday last weekend. We had a total of three performances. It was pretty spectacular! Pictures coming as soon as possible!

Deathfest: I’ve been preparing for Hampshire’s semesterly role play festival of epic proportions. We use a super simplified D20 system and we usually have in between 60 and 120 players! It’s a three tiered game in which there is generally only one surviver (hence the name). I’m one of the DMs (along with 9 others) and the event is happening tonight!

Omen 15th Birthday Party: Jacob and I publish an open submission magazine, the Omen. We are the most recent in a 15 year line of editors. This semester the Omen turns 15! We are throwing a huge party for all Omen Alumni and current submitters/staff/editors, etc. Everyone should be showing up in a few hours and I’m really excited.

Circus Bus: I’m in the middle of purchasing a bus for our Criss Cross summer Circus tour! It’s furnished like a tour bus (beds, etc.) painted blue and runs on veggie oil. It’s our most concrete step in preparing for our summer tour! I’ll make sure to post our itinerary so you can come check us out if we’re in your area!

After this weekend all should return to normal.




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