In Memory of Arthur C. Clarke

19 03 2008

Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008) died yesterday. I found out from PNH on Making Light, who had some really good things to say. My memory of Clarke is limited. I have an understanding that he helped shape the landscape of science fiction in the days of those great old authors, and that he was the longest lived of any of them, but that’s where it ends. He wasn’t traveling by the time I was born.

I think the two Clarke books I’ve read are Imperial Earth and Childhood’s End. They were both really good when I was in high school. He has a huge list of books and a number of more notable ones, but I never got to them. I’m sad that he’s dead and I never got a chance to meet him—but I’ll never meet so many of the people who created the worlds I enjoyed as I grew up.




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