Get Away for a Geekend…

13 03 2008

With Spring Break only a day away, I’ve admittedly been thinking about vacations. So is it surprising that, after an exciting gaming session and a heavy dose of geeking out about the Universe and Physics with my Cosmology professor for nearly an hour after class was supposed to be over, I combined the three in my head?

So I am currently designing a brochure for a free high-speed wireless internet, beautiful library (with extensive sci-fi/fantasy/nonfiction/textbook/science magazine/journal archive… etc sections) inn type thing with lots of rooms for exciting events (Ballroom for dancing, Gaming rooms, perhaps even an gymnastics/aerials room, etc.)

This place would host talks by engineers, scientists, professors, and anyone doing really cool things. This place would host gaming tournaments, LAN parties, LARPs, costume parties, writing workshops and art shows. There would be a seemingly infinite number of boardgames, card games, roleplay games for anyone to use. Each weekend would have some featured things, but you could make what you wanted of the resources.

I’m envisioning hot tubs, telescopes, treasure maps, costume parties, kittens (with cameras at the ready so that you can capture and caption them doing funny things), a huge array of food and an amazing kitchen that anyone could experiment with…

Lacking the resources to construct an amazing facility for myself in time for Spring Break, I will be constructing the brochure and mapping out this imaginary place complete with a pretend schedule of events and so forth. So here is my question to you, what would you want to see at this imagined Geek Vacation Resort Facility Thing?




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13 03 2008

Really, really hot babes. Really, really hot babes who can code!

13 03 2008

Lady coders of attractiveness, dually noted. Though let’s not limit the attractiveness to women only! I for one could see myself appreciating some super attractive guy geeks… (Appreciating in the most respectful, innocent and non-objectifying sense possible, of course. ^.~ )

There could certainly be some sort of event having to do with coding. What would be the most exciting thing you could think of? (And something that might attract lady coders?)

13 03 2008

You can objectify the guys, Lindsay. Trust me, we like it on the rare occasions when it happens! LOL! I know I’d rather be looked at for my “looks” than because I came through the days well on the plus side moneywise.

14 03 2008

Hey. I think that nearly everything I would like to see is already in your first idea. Gaming tournament, roleplay and card game.
There could be some coding tournament or workshops on new technologies on open source and $ source too. :)
Have you seen the hi-tech workshops that allow you to use their resources (for a fee) and you can build amazing electronic things? Seems something like that to me.

16 03 2008

Seems I need some background on what was said above… (hummm)

18 03 2008

Are you here? (some movie theme in the background now)

19 03 2008

I still want to do the creative anachronism for steampunk and zeppelins. Like the guy from Dresden Codak and his ‘historical pre-enactment’, but this would be like ‘historical fictenactment’ or something.

siegem, we can use your idea for the workshops with high-tech stuff, but make steam-tech as well. That would be soo cool…

19 03 2008

Very cool it would be!! I’m looking forward to it, when I go to your country…

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