Birthday Wishes.

9 03 2008

Today is Jacob’s birthday! To commemorate the wonderful day over two decades ago that Jacob came into this world, I would like to share some really amazing facts about Jacob.

1. He is one of the most spectacular Dungeon Masters I’ve ever had the pleasure of role playing with.

2. He wishes he had snakes for hair.

4. He’s done a muscle up on Rings (in gymnastics).

3. He grew up on Irish Punk music.

4. His middle name, in the wild, would eat his spiritual animal.

5. He can do a straddle press-up handstand.

6. He’s been to Mexico, and he almost wasn’t allowed back in the United States.

7. He’s driven across country (from Amherst, MA to San Diego, CA) in a pickup truck with four other people.

8. He can do front and back handsprings with a decent amount of regularity.

9. For the most part he does not enjoy watching movies or TV.

10. Every meal he’s cooked that I’ve ever had the opportunity to eat has been far beyond spectacular. (He is a seriously amazing cook. Maybe with a little persuading he will post some of his recipes…)

Here’s to your day of birth, Jacob. I hope this day (and all days to come) are filled with happiness, fun and excitement.




2 responses

9 03 2008

Hey, happy birthday!

10 03 2008

Thank you :)

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