Bathroom book advertising

27 02 2008

I often wonder what sort of mental state someone needs to be in before they will consider scrawling something on a bathroom wall. These questions are further confounded when I see something that is so foreign to what I’m used to seeing as graffiti. Today was a good example of that. I looked up to find:





It was penned into the wall with what looked like a Sharpie marker. It was quite neat, centered in the tile, and sported a trim border. Who was this mysterious person who was brimming over with excitement for this (admittedly fantastic) work that they just had to share it with the defecating visitors of the Hampshire College library?

I remarked to myself pleasantly that I had already read it, hitched up my pants, and went on with my day.




2 responses

27 02 2008

Weird and interesting. Never read this book, but will do some research.
Thanks to share the recomendation.

28 02 2008

I highly recommend it. It’s long, but also filled with mini-essays that are mind-blowing.

I hear the Baroque Cycle is as good if not better—it’s a prequel (set in the 1600’s I think), written afterward.

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