+2 to Geek, -2 to Truck Driving

22 02 2008

I had lunch the other day with a young man who was filled with stories of grand adventure, generally involving a one-way plane ticket to a land far away, and the resulting attempt to make it back to Massachusetts without a return flight. In this particular incident a fencing tournament was held in the far away land of Las Vegas, Neveda and this young man was quite accomplished with his sabre. He bought a plane ticket, attended the tournament and it was not until he made his way back to the airport that he realized he had bought himself a one-way plane ticket. He checked his pockets – seven dollars. He checked his bank account – seventeen dollars. Needless to say, he did not have sufficient funds to return to Massachusetts.

Fortunately, he knew a friend who was passing through the area on his way to Iowa and so without much effort he found himself closer to his goal. In Iowa he met a truck driver who was driving to Northampton, Massachusetts and so hitchhiking back was a fairly simple matter.

The young man finished his story, saying “The truck driver was a nice guy, and I got to Northampton just fine.” After a pause he added, “But driving with him was scary.”

I wondered aloud if it was simply the prospect of hitchhiking across multiple states with an unknown truck driver that was scary.

“Not really,” he explained, “It was more the fact that he had satellite internet in his truck, so he kept his laptop next to him and while he was driving he would play World of Warcraft.”




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23 02 2008
driving course

It terries me that there are people out there that think it’s acceptable to drive at the same time as playing games on a laptop. Talk about playing games with other peoples lives…

23 02 2008

When the young man asked the truck driver if he was sure that playing World of Warcraft while driving was a good idea, the truck driver’s response was “Yes its fine, just close the laptop for me if you see any police.”

It definitely takes the Talking On Your Cell Phone While Driving danger to a whole new level… probably level 37 or something.

26 02 2008

the issue here is not driving, its WoW. no joke, people become obsessed with that game and are unable to go on with their normal lives, in this case it put a lot of people in danger because the laws of physics say that that truck could drive over almost anything, especially little cars on the freeway.

WoW is a dangerous thing folks, no joke. be careful, and watch out.

26 02 2008

I don’t mind so much a truck driver playing WoW — think of how boring it is to drive across the country over and over.

What bothers me are SUVs and vans with televisions in them for kids to watch and play video games. They must be distracting to the parents, and they’re certainly distracting to other drivers!

26 02 2008

Curious story. It’s funny too. As long as the driver is cautious, there’s nothing to worry, it may be boring to travel country alone.

27 02 2008

I suppose it would depend on how he did it. If it were a straight highway with no one else for miles and miles… and who knows? Maybe it kept him more awake/alert than he would have been otherwise.

I drove across country and back a little over a year ago with four friends and if I was driving (especially at night) and the others were all sleeping, it was quite boring – especially when the road is a straight, unchanging highway for hours on end.

I still don’t condone it, and I suspect he didn’t limit it to empty highways, but yes I found it to be a curious story as well.

27 02 2008

Agreed. Don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but I don’t know if I miss something while reading your blog. The Worldcon that you want to go is the Science Fiction Society one?
Besides, integration with WOW and a real GPS… Anyone?

27 02 2008

Yes, I believe we are talking of the same Worldcon. (http://www.worldcon.org/)

And yes please! I’m all for integrating games with reality as much as possible… well, maybe not as much as possible, but WOW plus GPS sounds like it could be quite an experience.

28 02 2008

How much each of you needs to get there? Just curious. I did not saw the amount anywhere…
Wow, nice! Have you done something before alike?

29 02 2008

I think that’s a good idea (putting the costs online). We have two conventions on our list, and money donated for one, and shortly I will update the pages with money information.

29 02 2008

Cool, something lika a progress bar and the milestones?

1 03 2008

Exactly! It’ll take a few days to get together because I am in thesis crunch, but it’s coming.

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