Past musings on the future

20 02 2008

I uploaded an old paper from my freshman year. The paper, Where’s My Flying Car, is an interesting collection of thoughts on retro-futurism and our perception of past and future futures.

The paper was for a class called Lost and Disappearing Worlds. The class was asking, “What’s important to remember?” If you think of this as trying to pin down what is important to remember about our past visions of the future, I think some of these questions and thoughts are very profound, coming from a 19-year old:

A lot of people are wondering what the future really is. “It’s already 2005, and we were promised flying cars by now,” they say. What about cloning? Laser weapons? If only we had built that Lunar colony by now. It’s in so many books, and movies. Every day, it feels like the future should be drawing closer, but we never seem to get there, and we long for so many of these things that we have imagined. Why is it that every future we pictured for ourselves seems to be lost, or quickly disappearing?





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